Stanton Telecom - Dell Certified Partner

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Smart Premise Solutions for your home, business, and farm

Stanton Telecom offers services including internet, video, and voice

Broadband, Video, and Voice Services

Stanton Telecom's Blazing Fast Internet gives you UNLIMITED Internet usage through their state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Network.

ESI Phone Systems

Stanton Telecom helps you manage your communications by providing ESI Phone System Solutions.

Computer Sales

Stanton Telecom's ICT Technicians can customize a new Dell computer to fit your budget and needs. We also offer computer repair in our office or on-site.

Smart Home, Business, & Farm Solutions

With smart technology on the rise, Stanton Telecom provides endless options to equip your home or business with smart technology catered to your needs.

There is important information regarding recent decisions passed by the FCC directed toward Internet service providers.
Learn more by visiting our page: FCC's Net Neutrality
Stanton Telecom offers a wide variety of technology services for your home or business across Northeast Nebraska. We service our Stanton exchange with a fiber to the home network which allows us to bring our customers unlimited data downloads and blazing fast speeds!

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