Internet, Video & Voice Services

A La Carte Internet Service

Stanton Telecom offers a la carte internet service up to 50 MEG of UNLIMITED data for anyone in their exchange. Higher speeds may be available upon request.

To provide the lowest prices possible, a home phone is required for internet service.

Residential & Business Internet A La Carte Prices Per Month:

  • 3 Meg/1 Meg – $ 29.95
  • 6 Meg/2 Meg – $ 59.95
  • 10 Meg/3 Meg – $ 69.95
  • 15 Meg/5 Meg – $ 79.95
  • 30 Meg/15 Meg – $ 129.95 – NEW!
  • 50 Meg/25 Meg – $ 159.95 – NEW!
  • Symmetrical 1:1 Download/Upload Upgrade – $ 24.95 – NEW! (Up to 25 Meg Upload)

  • Home phone is needed
  • Prices do not include applicable Federal & State taxes and fees
  • Installation charges may apply
  • A processing & activation fee may apply
  • No equipment required
  • Wireless routers available

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Business & Residential Video A La Carte Pricing

Stanton Town & Country TV (STaC-Tv) is now offering a NEW way of TV viewing with 240 select channels, 148 channels in HD and 50 music channels, and it is available to customers throughout our exchange, including those in the country.
Get STaC-Tv Video Service today with one of these select packages:
* With our Basic Package$39.95
* With our Enhanced Package$79.95
* With our Ultra Package$96.95
** Each TV will need a Set-Top-Box (STB) – First STB is at no charge
** Each additional STB is $4.95 per month
Additional add-on packages and features are available for STaC-Tv!
Learn more about STaC-Tv by visiting STaC.Tv

Call 402-439-2264, email us @
or stop by our office @ 1004 Ivy Street for more information

Business & Residential Voice A La Carte Pricing

Because of our enhanced fiber optic system, Stanton Telecom’s Residential & Business Voice service is the most clear and reliable service available in our exchange. With a residential voice line from Stanton Telecom, you can talk anywhere in your home, day or night. Unlike our cell phone friends, voice service from Stanton Telecom is carried over a fiber optic line; you won’t have to worry about dead air or dropped calls.
Let Stanton Telecom’s voice service give you the best calling experience possible.

Residential Voice Line $ 19.95 Business Voice Line $ 29.95
Interstate Access $ 6.50 Interstate Access Single $ 6.50
Dual Party Relay $ .05 Interstate Access Multi $ 9.20
E911 $ 1.00 Dual Party Relay $ .05
E911 $ 1.00

*Prices do not include applicable Federal and State taxes and fees
*Installation charges may apply
*A processing and activation fee may apply
*No equipment required

Call 402-439-2264, email us @
or stop by our office @ 1004 Ivy Street for more information

New Calling Features that can make life easier for you and your family.

Single Number Service
The greatest advancement to Single Number Service is the ability to transfer a call that is already in process to another phone. For example, you have just taken a call on your land-line as you need to leave the building. But, you need to finish your conversation. With Single Number Service, simply press *1 (* code is dependent on configuration) to transfer the call to your wireless phone and you are free to go.

The Single Number Service feature can also be used to ring up to nine phone numbers simultaneously or in sequence so that you can take calls no matter where you are. The service is easy to administer. Click the link below to see how it works.
Single Number Service Scheduling

Terminating Call Manager
Stanton Telecom offers this feature, Terminating Call Manager as an automated screening service for unwanted solicitation calls. Enter numbers to block or allow through the Web Portal, and even restrict incoming calls when you don’t want to be disturbed.
Term Call Manager Do Not Disturb User Guide

Voice Mail with E-forwarding
Communication is important to you. You take special care to be sure people can reach you as needed. Try voice mail with e-forwarding from Stanton Telecom and you will never miss a call again, unless you want to. Click the link below to see more information and how to use our voice mail service.
APMAX VM User Guide – Single Box

Stanton User Agreement

Call 402-439-2264 or email us @
or stop by our office @ 1004 Ivy Street for more information

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